Friday, February 15, 2013

Mother's LOVE

Hi Shimmerz Ladies! I'm here with you today to share my latest canvas: the protagonist is my son! To decorate the canvas , I was inspired by the colors of the photo: the blue of Teal Shimmerz and the pink of Candel Light Shimmerz.

Here is a detail of the beautiful Shimmerz colors!

Have a great day with creativity!


Lydell Quin said...

Absolutely gorgeous Roberta! Have always wanted to try that rolled paper technique!!! It all looks fabulous!

Lydell Quin said...
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Lydell Quin said...

Sorry, maybe should comment by way of iPhone.... It posted the same comment 3 times!!!! Lol!

Shona said...

this is just stunning love it :)

Patrycja Photography said...

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Stac said...

What a fabulous LO Roberta. Love the rolled paper and the color palette!