Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"A bit of this, a bit of that" A Shimmerz Journal Page

Hi there.
I am back sharing my most recent Shimmerz project!

I have a page to share today.  I have been having paint fun in my journal!

This is a page I recently did in my hand made journal

Lots of gorgeous earthy tones used in this one....  

Marigold Shimmerz, Hot fudge Vibez, Truffle Spritz, Licorice Spritz, Fiery siesta Spritz, Rusty Bottom Vibez.

The paint is just layered on top of a Gessoed paper, similar to heavy kraft wrapping paper ( It was actually the protective sheets that came wrapped around our out door kitchen components, that I cut down and stitched into signitures and into a journal.)  It takes gesso and paint beautifully!

Art Journals are so much fun to use your Shimmerz Paints in.  I love the smaller size, (than a regular layout,) and the freedom from pressure you sometimes get from doing a complete Layout.  This is just pure art, and its fun if you can delve a little deeper and journal whats on your mind in the process.  Its great to make you, take notice and think about things in your everyday too.


Thanks for stopping in today.  Great to have you here!
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Shona said...

oh I need more paints to play with this is amazing Lydell :)