Friday, January 11, 2013

Go On... Get Messy!

Boys are messy. I'm messy... so I love it. And I especially love it when my boy gets messy with paint. I wanted to show this fun hour we had together exactly as it happened... and Shimmerz was the way to do it.

He was painting in the tub, and in order to capture this just right, I needed to silhouette his pictures, and then use the right shade of Shimmerz to keep the paint dumping onto the page. :)
I've said how many times that there is a Shimmerz paint to match every project you need, right?!
I used the following colors here:
Pearlz Limited in Santa Baby
Pearlz in Peas B Mine
Shimmerz in Jilted Jade
Coloringz in No Yoking

It came out a tad messy.
Which means perfect in my book. 

xx Heidi