Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little book made from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper with Shimmerz!

So here is a 'quick pic tutorial' on how I made a sweet little book for my baby boy a little while ago.
I just used sturdy double sided paper and cut a 12 x 12 sheet into strips and folded the strips into pages. (my strips were 4 inches wide, the height can be what ever you choose, mine are 3 inches, so my pages when folded are 3 x 4)

Glue the strips together forming 1 long strip.

Now glue the folds together where they will create pages

Dont glue right to the spines edge when you do this so it has room to expand when you embellish your book.
I cut an extra piece of paper to wrap around the whole book front, spine and back- gluing only the front and back, leaving the spine loose to allow for expansion when the book was decorated.  
This makes it look like a real little book and hides the spine folds you can see below.

Paint some Shimmerz Paint onto some bubble wrap and stamp some texture onto the background of your pages.  There will be paint colours for any colour scheme you can dream up!!!!

Embellish away!

 Such a fun project.  Nice small pages to create on, means the task happens quickly.  Select some embellishments to repeat throughout the book and you can plough through your little project in an afternoon!

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Stac said...

EEEK!!!! I am so excited about this project!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Great job. Thanks so much Lydell!

Stacey Young said...

Gorgeous Lydell! Love it!

Gra said...

Beautiful!! love it!!
Please tell me, where can I buy the Valentines set?
Thank you for your answer!!!

Shona said...

aww he is just such a cutie pie this