Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who Doesn't Need Another Purse?

Okay, I admit it. I am a purse-aholic. I cannot have too many handbags... all different sizes, styles, colors, etc. What I have discovered, however, is that I always have a vision in mind for the kind of bag that I want to carry - and almost never can find it. SOOO... I have decided to start making some, and of course, Shimmerz is going to play a big part in it!

Here is my latest, little, creation. It measures about 8 x 8 and is a Prima canvas album that I altered with tons of art mediums, and coated like crazy with Shimmerz. This is the second one that I have made this way, and the first I loved so much, and it was stolen by my tweener daughter, Ahna... so it was time to make a second. This time, however, I used pinks/purples, which aren't HER favorite colors. :)

 I sewed some decorative stitches around the pages, and then inserted in a liner, before attaching the whole thing together. After this I used masks a plenty with gesso for the background, and then attached all my flowers and embellishments using Fabri-Tac.
Normally I paint the background first, but I didn't do that here, I simply waited until it was all dry and then layered the following colors on, drying between applications, until I got the color hue that I wanted. All my flowers and embellishments were either burlap, cream or ivory colored, so I could get a monochromatic look.
Here are the colors that I used:
Spritz in Pop Art Pink
Spritz in Mudpie
Vibez in Redy-or-Not
Vibez in Grape Escape
Pearlz in Espresso

xx Heidi


L. Akins said...

Gorgeous.. Love the colors

Nitasha said...

Simply beautiful project! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Stunning! Thanks for the inspiration!