Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adding Some Oomph!

 Layering colors on your projects is so easy, and so beautiful, when you use Shimmerz Paints. Today, I want to show you a layout that I created for Shimmerz and Swirlydoos Kit Club using Shimmerz Paints with the beautiful kit, enhancing the amazing colors. 

"Objects in Mirror Are Way More Beautiful Than They Appear"
The paper had such subtle, but beautiful distressing already, and was pale pink. The rest of the kit had a gorgeous, pastel palette that I wanted to add some oomph to. So I grabbed some of the bolder Shimmerz paints, Vibez in Sunset Strip and Sea Monkey,  and Coloringz in Mandarin Mai Tai and Lime in Da Coconut.  I splashed these around the project AFTER I had put all the elements on, letting dry inbetween so that they wouldn't muddy.
 I had layered some masking tape on the project, and the it's incredible how the Shimmerz Paints spreads and shimmerz on top of it! Distressing and beautiful all at the same time!
I also used Shimmerz in Candle Light, applying with a medicine dropper around the main photo for a bit more effect after all the rest of the paint had dried. I love the different color combinations here, and how they all worked together so beautifully!

xx Heidi


Stac said...

So, so beautiful!!! I'm speechless!

Lydell Quin said...

So Lovely Heidi!