Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simply Colouring flowers with Shimmerz....

Personally I love spraying and splattering paint on everything in sight, but I know its not for everyone.
If you are not 'yet' into spraying and droplets over your pages, then this might be of interest to you.
You dont have to be messy, if you dont want!!!

 The Shimmerz Paints I used on this page, were to predominately colour my flowers.
I used Grey Flannel Pearlz for the tiny white flowers, Grinchy Green Blingz for the leaves and 
Blue Jeans Vibez for the blue flowers.

Easily done.  
Most of these are pots of paint, but you can use the spray bottles to recolour too by either spraying directly onto your object, or removing the lid and dipping your paint brush straight in to 'paint'.

 Adding ink to the edges adds dimension too, like you can see here in picture below of the leaves, they look shaded, but its just a bit of Distress ink swiped lightly over the edges.

So if you are not into spraying, start by colouring and painting, the colours you will find in the Shimmerz ranges are amazing, there is always just the right colour for your project.

Visit the SHIMMERZ STORE to check them all out!

Thanks for dropping in today.

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