Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Colours at your fingertips.....

Hey there,
Lydell here with a recent page I did for The Color Room (Palette #116)
I Love doing colour challenges, especially with a bunch of Shimmerz Paints in my arsenal!
I can do every single palette easily with a mix of papers embellishments and my paints.  My paints always fill the colour 'holes' in my stash.  If I dont have it in papers....I certainly have it in paint!!!  And if I dont....you can mix colours and get what you want.
Heres the page.
I used a tiny dot stamp pressed into a spray of Sea Monkey Vibez
I also used the same spray to spray an alphabet stencil, subtly in the background.
I have used a lovely shade of yellow,  Chick-a-dee Spritz and sprayed that into an old leftover sheet of foam dots leaving nice circles on my page here and there.  I did the same with the licorice Vibez.
I have splats of Licorice Vibez splattered over the back ground.

 I LOVE what you can do with a mix of paints and sprays.  And so very easily, with no mess at all.  I had NO clean up after this page.  I just wiped off the stamps and masks and the jobs done.

So if you are new to Shimmerz,  You must try it.  It adds something special to your pages and projects, and very easily.  And you have a resource here at your fingertips with the Shimmerz Blog and the VLog at your fingertips.  Loaded with ideas and educational videos for you to see Shimmerz in action.

Have a great day and get some creative play in somewhere today!!!


Zeneva said...

Beautiful page.

Stac said...

UGH!!!! This LO tugs at my heart strings. It's so special in so many ways.