Friday, August 10, 2012

Eye-Catching Use of Color

It's truly shocking to me sometimes, how easy it can be to add a "WOW" factor to a project with just a bit of Shimmerz paint. This month, I wanted to see what I could come up with, using very little supplies, in my usual style - but still with some oomph. This is what I came up with. (Thank you to Swirlydoos Kit Club, for the papers and products besides Shimmerz here!)

I LOVE it. I absolutely adore how it came out and it seriously took me like 3 minutes to create after I had cut my photo out! I used a bit of Vibez in Pop Art Pink, splattering and flicking with the nozzle tube on the background.
I then added a simple frame, my teeny photo, some ribbon and a flower.
I painted the flower using, Coloringz in Mon Shari, Vibez in Redy-or-Not, and Spritz in Mudpie, blending with a brush as I went. Then I painted with the Pop Art Pink (just dipped a brush in the bottle) onto my daughter's shirt and cheeks to add some color.
Then my final step was to drip (of course) some paint around the edges of my cluster. Here I used Pearlz in Grammie Berrie, applying with a medicine dropper. Then I dragged a little around the photo to frame it some more.
For a final touch, I used the end of a bamboo stick, dipped it in the Grammie Berrie paint, and flicked it for thin paint splatters. 
I love it. 
The paint immediately commands attention, focusing the eye on my little picture!!!
So simple, so pretty.

xx Heidi


Alex - Topogina Bonetto said...

Amazing, well done!

Stac said...

Beautiful. . . .as always!!!

Lydell said...

Totally stunning Heidi. Love how simple yet striking this is.