Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All Things Love-y

In mid-August my husband and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary. In fact, on the 12th of 2012, we will be celebrating 12 years. How fantastic is that? So I decided to add a page to our album that shows us in our standard "couple" pose that somehow we have adopted over the last decade, or so. :)

"We May Have Changed, But Our LOVE Hasn't"
I love the combination of vintage-y colors that Shimmerz offers, along with a pop of something bright. I first used some white gesso to highlight the areas of the background paper that I planned on working on. I then spritzed it with some Treasured Hymn, Pop Art Pink, Cotton Candy, and Licorice. I then let it dry, and afterward using a Crafter's Workshop mask, added the diamonds with molding paste. After the paste was dried completely, I repeated my use of color, blending with a baby wipe, and then flicking Licorice and my pop color My Bleeding Heart in spots on the page.
I then used my medicine dropper to drip some Butter Cream Shimmerz around the photo cluster.

Shimmerz has endless color combination to truly make each page beautiful... what colors are you using right now? xx Heidi


Stac said...

So, so pretty!

Stacey Young said...

This is beautiful Heidi x

Lydell said...

I love this Heidi.