Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime Shimmerz and Index Cards

Hello everyone - back here with some new "stuff" I made with the new Shimmerz colors - I love these spring time shades.

So I used to create these vintage index cards using blank white index cards from the office supply store, water and a box of dye. The process took quite a bit of time since I had to place the papers in the water - not overlapping, let them soak, then take them out one by one and lay them on paper, side by side and then let them dry.

But THEN when I got the latest set of colors from Stacey - I had an OMG moment.

Why on earth did I never think of using shimmerz instead of dye!!! The look is almost identifical and in fact, I kinda like the shimmer (pardon the pun) that these products create on the card, rather than the matte look I was getting with the dye.

So here, are the simple, simple steps. 1 part index cards, 1 paintbrush, 1 pot shimmerz Pearlz Pretty in Pink

Apply the Pearlz in a haphazar manner. Don't worry about filling the entire card - instead leave some spot unpainted - this will give you a really "hand dyed" type of look.

Let the card dry flat. After about 5 minutes it will be dry. You may then want to put the card between pages of a heavy book to flatten - or not if you want that grubby look.

Once your background is done:

The possibilities are then endless !!!



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Stac said...

Great idea! Thanks Cathy!!!