Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Art Journal, Take 2!

Last week I showed you one of my pregnancy art journal pages, and today I am going to show you "almost" the last one in the journal. I went a little crazy on this one, using so much Shimmerz paint, it's a tad bright and sooo colorful!

This page took a lot of smearing, and my fingers were covered in gesso and Shimmerz by the time it was finished! I first coated the page in white gesso, added some strips of paper in places that I desired, leaving the final chunky embellishments until the end.

Here I simply used a paintbrush to apply some Tickle Me Turquoise, then I let dry. I then smeared on some gesso, heat set it, and then used my paintbrush to add Sunflower. The purple streak that you see is some Mon Shari that I dripped onto the page and then used a scrap piece of paper to scrape across it... smearing it.

This photo shows off the various layers of paper, all of which I smeared with gesso first, and then I combined some Mandarin Mai Tai, Hottie Pink, and Sunflower, drying inbetween using each paint color.

I used the same technique below, layering on color, then gesso, drying inbetween, and then adding more color. For this color palette, I used Hottie Pink again and Mandarin Mai Tai. The grey you see on the photo was some photo effects that I applied in Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. 

And with that, I bid you Adieu for the month! My son is due anytime now, and if I haven't already had him - I will be shortly. :) Have a beautiful February and I will see you next month!!
xx Heidi

**UPDATE! Heidi had her son on February 5th!** His name is Xander Rian and mama and baby are doing well. :))

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Lydell said...

This looks so cool Heidi! Love all the artsy stuff going on in this. I am 35 weeks this week....must do another belly shot!