Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A mix of Enamelz, Vibez and Pearlz!

Hi there, Lydell here again!
I have a page to share here and some fun stuff I did with Shimmerz Paints and Enamelz.  They go hand in hand for some outstanding effects.
Here is what I used for todays project....

Shimmerz in 

Pearlz -Grey Flannel
Vibez- Egg Noggin (a limited edition colour which I believe may still be available if you hurry!!!)
Enamelz - Gold Digger and Molten Metal

.......And here is my page.

You cant see it very well, but I know its there......I applied texture paste to the background with a palette knife, let it dry and added white paint and buttercup cream acrylic paint to set it all off.  I sprinkled Molten Metal Enamelz over this wet paint in splotches and heated to melt, creating puddles of the metal look,  (You can see it slightly under the middle yellow flower and just above it......)
I painted the tag in the Grey Flannel Pearlz and sprinkled the edges with the gold digger while the paint was wet, creating a pretty and textured border around the tag.  Much prettier than how it started off!

I sprayed each crocheted flower with the Vibez Egg Noggin.  These were flowers sent to us some time ago from Petaloo, they were brilliant white!

I also sprayed the Prima felt label you can see here under the photo, and various other flowers....and some lace too!!!!

I sprayed some other Petaloo flowers and dipped them in the Gold Digger Enamelz, totally covering the flower.  I added metal button centres to these, and they are really pretty!

So thats what I played with today.

AND I have a quick tip to share.  I have many many Shimmerz Paints like the Pearlz 'Grey Flannel' in the tubs.  These can sometimes be left sitting for quite some time before you get a chance to use each colour regularly and can tend to separate and dry up a bit.  My Grey Flannel had not been opened in a very long time, and had gone quite thick (it would no longer shake up in the tub......I know Shimmerz says to add distilled water, which is probably best for your paints, but I just add some water from the tap and just stir it through well to rejuvenate them back to how they are meant to be.  I dont find it alters the intensity of the colour or the Shimmery properties.  Because they are water based and wash out so well in water, adding water (preferrably distilled) brings them right back to life.  Remember add a little at a time though.....too much may effect the saturation of the colour.....better to add not enough than too much!!!!!

Hope you are enthused about all the possibilities Shimmerz Paints offers, Especially to extend the use of your stash and create Projects which meld colours beautifully- all acheived by recolouring embellishments.  Get stuck into your Shimmerz!

Thanks for stopping by.....have a wonderful day!


Czekoczyna said...

Omg, your layout is amazing! I love the colors, flowers and the photo. And thanks for the tip :)

Stac said...

Such a lovely LO! Great tip too!!!