Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are You Craving Some Color?

Aaaah, it has been so grey outside. I have been looking forward to getting snow, but it hasn't shown it's sparkly face, so all I have to look at outside is the grey clouds, the dry grass, and I am craving some bright, bold, sparkly, color. OR some snow which just makes everything beautiful! This mood plunged me into creating myself a canvas using the boldest of all the Shimmerz paints, Coloringz!

It's an odd shaped canvas, 6 inches wide, by 12 inches long... and I began by layering on strips of neutral colored cotton tape, laces, paper, and hemp. I then started at the top with some Anchors Away Coloringz that blended into some Mon Shari Coloringz, which then gave way to Pink Stiletto Coloringz, and then No Yoking! I did allow the Pink Stiletto and No Yoking to blend, not drying inbetween, to get that fantastic orange hue in the middle.  

Aaaah, the colors are BEAUTIFUL. I love how these Shimmerz paints blend and can create so much texture within a piece of artwork! To finish the canvas off, and to achieve the snow-like sparkle that I have been craving, I added a bit more gesso and molding paste for texture around the edges.  

xx Heidi


Ann Cicilie said...

This is SO gorgeous, love the colors! Thanks for the inspiration, I'm drooling over all the knockout details :)

Lydell said...

TOTALLY beautiful Heidi. I love how you foresee such creativity when selecting colour!

Stac said...

YUMMY!!! I so love this!