Friday, December 23, 2011

**Warning! This post contains perhaps the fastest gift idea ever.**

In the spirit of last minute ideas...
This week my girls and I were discussing teacher gifts for Christmas, and came to the consensus that none of the girls teachers (Ahna has 5, Sarenna only 1) would be enthralled with the idea of receiving another apple, ornament, or mug, so we decided to think a little simpler.

Off to the market we went, coming home with baking supplies for cookies (for us), an order placed for a ham (for Christmas) and this beautiful bouquet of roses.

Now, as beautiful as they are, we wanted to make them look a bit more Christmas-y, so we pulled out some paints. Specifically, my Shimmerz Blingz in Gold Glimmer and Grinchy Green. 
While I looked over their shoulders, my girls gently and lightly dipped those brushes in, and coated (somewhat artistically) the white part of the petals. Having been the first time that I allowed my children to dip into my cherished stash of Shimmerz, they were grinning from ear to ear.

Can you see the Gold Glimmer all over these petals? I hope so - it is amazing how much they shimmered in the light! We then added some pearls for added oomph, thinking what girl doesn't love a little bling...

And then we decided to go with the green on the other half of the bouquet... each teacher will receive two flowers, one gold and one green, tied together with a sparkly bow.
Blingy, beautiful, blossoms. 
From start to finish, 5 minutes.
And I bet whoever receives them will smile.
After all, who doesn't like receiving flowers?

xx Heidi