Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CRASH **a chaotic use of color!**

My son is an active, chaotic, messy, little, bugger. 
That is what today's layout is all about!
Using tons of color, in different ways, and making it work... :)

What fun this was! I started out by distressing the background with Vibez in Before Dawn, using a "mask", or well, bits of grungeboard turned mask anyways, lol. I then used Coloringz in My Bleeding Heart, flicking spots all over the page before laying down my bits of scraps and papers.

After adding my photo and many of the bits, I used Coloringz in Mandarin Mai Tai and No Yoking, and Vibez in Sea Monkey to highlight areas around the page. After that was finished, I used our Limited Edition Frosty's Got The Blues to frame and drip around certain elements.
Molding paste just makes those colors pop in a textural way that I adore! 

Break out your colors my friends, let it go the way a toddler does - you won't believe how freeing it is to splash that paint around!
xx Heidi


Lydell said...

This looks great Heidi, and totally captures the vitality of a busy boy!
(And when he needs a power nap from all his business!!!! LOL)

Stac said...

A sweet little boy and an equally sweet LO. Thanks Heidi!!!