Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Tweeny kind of color palette!

Have I ever mentioned that I struggle using the color purple? Well, I do. In a major way. I tend to gravitate to everything else. :) So when my 10 year old recently came to me and told me that since she is getting older (tween years, yikes) that her newest, favorite, colors were lime green, purple, and turquoise, I took it upon myself as a challenge to create her back to school pics using that palette.
Having literally NO purple paper on hand, because, well... I don't ever buy it. However, Shimmerz Coloringz did ALL the work for me, and I can't believe I am going to admit this.... I LOVE it. I LOVE Mon Shari in so many ways and I have some big future plans for this amazing color in some upcoming projects.!!!!

Gotta love some Coloringz in No Yoking, Lime in Da Coconut, and Mon Shari, plus a bit of Vibez in everyone's favorite Jeni B Bleu. Aren't these colors striking together?

 Enhancing some Clear Scraps acrylic with these colors also added some oomph in a subtle way behind the photos. Just remember when using acrylic, make sure to let each color dry before layering another hue on top of it or it will result in muddying and you won't get that amazing boldness of the Shimmerz colors!

What colors do you tend to avoid? I challenge you to break out of the box and use them, you might be surprised by the result!!
xx Heidi


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Christie Bryant said...

So beautiful!!!

Stac said...

Heidi. . .you do purple WELL. GORGEOUS!!!

Lydell said...

I love this Heidi. That colour Choice is fabulous. Perfect for this page!!!!