Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tools of the trade

So I thought I would show you how well the shimmerz work with some of my regular journaling "tools"

Just basic tools like these:

I use to create different patterns on my journal pages using the shimmerz. The one below is just the waste from a pad of stickers - once all the stickers are removed I was left with this great template. With shimmerz sprayed right on the template which sits on the page it creates this beautiful "window" effect!

Then I used a basic ruler that had a letters of the alphabet template - these are just old fashioned rulers that I have had forever. When I spray them on th journal page I get these great letters - blurred but that's okay too !

Then I used this border that I had purchased and I loved the circle effect. Sprayed through that as well and then I got this

So much fun - just using basic everyday tools. Later this month I'll show you a few more!!


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You guys are full of so many great ideas!