Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy NSD!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! 
We want to know, have you used Shimmerz yet?
Want to know a little bit more about Shimmerz?

Our very own Educator, Irene Tan, explains it all perfectly... 

"Shimmerz are not like your regular acrylic paint nor pearlescent paint. They are highly iridescent waterbased paint. They are non toxic, quick drying and will stick to nearly any surface.

Then they have Blingz and Pearlz. These also comes in jars like Shimmerz 
but they are very different.

Blingz are like Shimmerz but their sparkles are more intense and thicker in consistency. Pearlz on the other end, are pearlescent waterbased paints that are more opaque than Shimmerz or Blingz.

Besides all these jars of paints, Shimmerz Paints also has it's series of fun bottles of misting paints. First of all, you have the Spritz.

Look at all those yummy colours! These Spritz will give you hours and hours of colourful misting fun!

Besides Spritz, Shimmez Paints also carried the Vibez! What is the differences of Vibez as compared to Spritz? Vibez are highly iridescent spritzed on paints that are more vibrant. Their deep colors are more intense as compared to Spritz.

And now to introduce Coloringz and Shimmeringz!
This is such a fun product! Coloringz are created with crayons in mind. They are highly pigmented spray paints that are flat when dry. It does what it is named which is coloring! Adding tons of colors to your projects would be so easy with this product!

Then, you have what I called the "must have"! The Shimmeringz!!

 These are non-pigmented highly iridescent spritz that can be used on their own or with any of the products above. It is a medium that you could use to add that extra shimmer look to your projects! Want a metal look such as bronze, silver, gold, or a pearl look? Shimmeringz is the one to go for! It comes in five amazing different shimmerz!"
- Irene Tan

 And there you have it! We hope you are reaching for your Shimmerz now, on this craft-tastic day... and if you don't have any handy, we hope you are reaching for your wallet - because you KNOW you need to buy some of these for your future projects.

Once again, Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all of our friends! 
xx Heidi

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