Thursday, May 12, 2011

Creating Texture

So last post I showed you some finished pages using Shimmerz but in thinking about it I realized that was probably started backwards. So let’s take a step backwards and I thought I would show you some new pages with just the backgrounds started. This time I also experimented with shimmerz and some other mediums like gesso and crackle past. Wait till you see the results.

A simple spritz of pink and a little orange – just one shot

This is just on regular, in fact I would even say low grade paper and yet the effects of the shimmerz are wonderful!

The first stage – background colors and then on the right I used some rubon letters – just randomly across the page, some of these will eventually get covered.

Love the start of this page. This was spritzed with some green Shimmerz – I just resprayed in some spots and that’s how I got the shading of some darker greens. AI randomly stamped some chandeliers and then just rubbed some of the gesso on my spatula right onto the top of the page. Again a lot of this will be covered up.

Some great green and blue – great combo that blue and green. ; ) I then stamped some letter and even stuck some letter stickers on – these backgrounds so motivate me to get creating even more on the page

Again the close up of blue and green – very little done to this page except a few pieces of paper stuck on (see lined paper on the left) and then some spritzes of color.

Okay and now for some textures - look at this. I wanted to try the shimmerz out with some other mediums I generally use. I spread crackle paste from GOLDEN onto the page, let dry, then spritzed, look at this:

I added some rub on letters for additional texture:

What fun those pages will be to journal on.

I also tried this out - I used some molding paste and spread it randomly on the page, once dry I added teh shimmerz paints from the paint pots. The glimmer at the bottom of the pot seems to have "stuck" to the modling paste and look at the beautiful effect it created:

In my next post in June I'll show you how I added to these pages to finalize the journal pages.


Cathy Bluteau

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