Monday, March 28, 2011

SHIMMERZ Hits the Wall!

Gracie wanted a pink room. . . like every little girl. I wanted to do something "just for her" that was unique and one of a kind. So I took metallic wall paint in same pink color and painted stripes. Then. . . I painted ribbons on one side of each stripe and topped them with Periwinkle Shimmerz. Then I painted teeny-tiny rosebuds and leaves around the ribbons. I used Pink and Green Olive Shimmerz on them. Click for a closer view.

Here's a close up on all those little rosebuds.

Then Gracie and I created 10 of these little beauties!

Of course we spritzed them with Concrete Shimmeringz. . .and WOW!!. . they really shimmer!

Her room now couldn't be more girlie! She loves it and I loved doing it! So go ahead. . . get crazy with your Shimmerz!


Rbarakat said...

I love this idea! My baby girl would love this too!!

Stacy Cohen said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I want that room!

Roberta said...

Love love love! I want that room too!

Mieke said...

Ooohh what a great idea. Our DD is a teenager now and would love to change her room. I now have a wonderful idea with the panelling and the sprays instead of the wallpapers.
Thanks so much!!!!