Friday, March 11, 2011

*Jazzing Up With Color*

hi everyone..
today I'm sharing a project I repurposed with a little jazzing up...

This big "A" was on my fireplace...looking quite lonely, with just
gray I decided to add a kajillion vintage buttons I had in my stash
as well as the fun/funky fabric flowers:

2 of the flowers are made out of fabric I had in my stash
and the other 2 are made with muslin that I colored with
all my blues in my Coloringz, Vibez, Spritz...
for my blue flower.
for my red flower.
and the following Shimmeringz on my fabric flowers:  Concrete & Goldie Lox

I love how this pop of color with a little vintage whimsy dressed up my letter!
It's in my entry now...I want everyone to see it when they come to my door.

thanks for letting me share with you today!
~Leslie Ashe

1 comment:

Stac said...

I give you an "A" on this project. Thanks Leslie!