Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots of Shimmerz Love!

It's all about the love this week, isn't it? I have had these photos on my to-do list for almost a year now, and this week they begged to be scrapped! It's about an act of love, rather than the smooshy, in-lovey, kind of love. :) For some time, my younger daughter Sarenna and I had been talking about the Locks of Love program because of a movie that we had watched as a family. She begged for MONTHS to let me cut her hair so that she could donate it... and I truly fought her on it for awhile... but she won after her sister joined the crusade, it was two against one and the love I saw in their hearts won out. 

I wanted to add some soft texture amidst the grungy layout, so I Shimmerz'd :) some Kleenex. I used Coloringz in Valentino and My Bleeding Heart, and topped it with Shimmeringz in Goldie Lox. I then scrunched it all up and used the Kleenex to frame some of the photos, fraying the edges. I then tore off pieces, and mod podged it to chipboard hearts.

Then I used Shimmerz in Fire Engine Red to paint my Thickers, heating them up after they dried to make teeny bubbles on top of the letters. 

Then I dripped (of course!) some Shimmerz Pearls around for some fun, using 
Shimmerz Pearlz in Ballet Slipper.

As a final touch I dropped bits of the Ballet Slipper Pearlz and Goldie Lox Shimmeringzs around the whole page - just because I wanted a bit more splatter. :)

Those girls together donated over 27 inches of hair, and I am so proud of them! Their hair is growing back fast, and while I keep telling them that I can't wait to braid, brush, curl, and ponytail it - and they keep telling me that they can't wait to give it away again. 

Gotta love 'em. (In a smooshy kind of way.)

xx Heidi

Oh! and one more project!
I can't resist sharing because the background was made using oodles of Shimmerz...

The colors I used to create the background are Spritz in Plum Pudding and 
Okay I GUESS that's all for today, lol. 

Have a beautiful day!
xx Heidi


Christie Bryant said...

Oh holy moly! Those are two of the most gorgeous layouts I've ever seen! LOVE them both!!!

Stac said...

Breathtaking. . . as usual! Thanks Heidi!