Monday, January 17, 2011

They're Coming...

I got my hands on a few sneaky pics of the newest Shimmerz products and I just couldn't wait until Thursday (the official release date) to spill the beans.

Shimmerz will be releasing two (yep! two!) new products: 

 Coloringz are super opaque, highly saturated colors without shimmer. We're talking serious 
color here! Yet, they are still water-based and non-toxic. They'll still clean up with soap and 
water just like all the other Shimmerz products!

Check out these awesome new (10!) colors! Each of them was sprayed on plain white 
cardstock. Can you believe the burst of juicy color?

Shimmeringz are super shimmery sprays with only shimmer, no color. (There are 5 of them!)

Heavy Metal - a combo of 3 different metallics 
Goldie Lox - gold shimmer 
Concrete -  silver shimmer 
Baby's Breath - white shimmer 
Bronze Bomshell - bronze shimmer
With Coloringz and Shimmeringz, you can now completely customize your look. 
If you want a great red with gold undertones, just spray My Bleeding Heart followed by 
Goldie Lox. Want red with silver undertones? My Bleeding Heart with Concrete is your recipe. The creative possibilities are really endless!
 Here's a picture of a white cardstock flower that was sprayed with Pink Stiletto Coloringz 
and Heavy Metal Shimmeringz. 

All of these new products will be available for purchase on Thursday. Yeah!
Happy Shimmering!
Bethany Kartchner 


Siri Fjørtoft, kaBoks said...

And they will all be coming to me as soon as they are available for sale! I own every single color of Shimmerz, Blingz, Pearlz, Spritz and Vibez, and I will not be without this!!!

I can not wait to play with them, it´s just what I need :-) Hopefully there will be more colors of the Coloringz soon?

Tabitha said...

This is gorgeous. I have never tried your products yet!

Beth said...

those are seriously gorgeous colors!!

Roberta said...

Fantastic! I can not wait to use new products!!!

Taj White said...

oh my that is a fab color combo.

Leslie Ashe said...

oh WOW! I can't WAIT!

Lydell said...

Oh goodness....just LOOK at those colours and that saturation. I cant wait either!!!!

Lori Barnett said...

eeek! This is AWESOME NEWS!!!

Ola said...

WOW, these are gorgeous! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't tried your products... but now I can't wait!

Thank you for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Kelly Massman said...

Gorgeous colors!