Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Tis the Season

Christmas break...and the scrapping's easy...
especially with Shimmerz in hand!
With all of the holiday photos
sure to be flooding my desk a few days from now,
I set aside a little time to scrap one of my favorite subjects:
this kid.
Who really isn't a "kid" any more.
The holidays make me a little (okay, a lot) wistful,
thinking about how quickly time passes.
Thankfully, layouts like this can freeze time,
if only temporarily.
They can also distract a schmaltzy mama
from her nostalgic journey down memory lane
with pretty colors and fun products.
I used a BUNCH of Shimmerz products
to add some extra pop and shine to the circles on this layout.

I painted in the "1" and "3" on this paper above using
Blue By U Shimmerz Pearlz.

To add some variety to the lines on this patterned paper above,
I painted stripes of Mello Yello, Celery, and Blue By U.

The plain white polka dots on this patterned paper were cute,
but some Shimmerz paint here and there elevated them to uber-cute.

I am a huge fan of grid paper,
and a huge fan of paint --
how could I NOT combine the two?

A few spritzes of Shimmerz Vibez,
along with a dab of paint here and there
added details that helped me to celebrate
the here and the now of my daughter
turning 13.


Leslie Ashe said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Stac said...

Such a COOL LO!