Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Storm Vibez

Happy Hump Day ladies, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and your almost ready for the Holiday that is approaching oh so rapidly. I myself still have a few things to pick up and a few things to take back. And of course a ton of wrapping to do :(

This month I have been having some altered fun like never before. And with all the fun winter paper lines out my Snow Storm Vibez is getting a serious work out :)

For this project I used a white 6 inch styrofoam ball, dear lizzy paper, & rose brads, blue acrylic paint, paint brush, 12 inch wood sticks (found in the floral department) 2 inch scallop punch, and Shimmerz Snow Storm Vibez, oh yea and a hot glue gun.
I made a lot of paper roses, hot glued them to the styrofoam ball, after the ball was painted and dried (which takes about 30 minutes). After my ball was covered in roses I used a green floral stem at the bottom of the bouquet as its stem. I covered the stem with Dear Lizzy ribbon. And sprayed as many layers of Snow Storm it took to make me happy :) It's hard to see the full effect on camera but it is so beautiful in person.

here is a close up (can you see the snow storm vibez on the petals of the flowers?) so pretty. It Looks like Shimmery water on each petal.

And here is the entire project

Thanks for letting me share. Snow Storm Vibez has quickly become an instant fav and go to product for that perfect touch for me. Happy Scrapping ladies!!!


Kimberly said...

This is so GORGEOUS! I love what you did with this bouquet! :)

Jill said...

Wow, the colors on this are incredible! Awesome project.

Stac said...

So, so pretty! Way to go Taj!

Scrapamum said...

This is gorgeous!

Roberta said...

That is seriously gorgeous!!!!!!!