Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nothing Like A Shimmerz Smile

hi everyone!
just sharing a fun little project I whipped up on a cold day down here
in Texas, using a frame, strips of tissue, some cupcake liners
(I LOVE using those!), a little mod podge, a super cute
photo...all mixed together with some Shimmerz gives you this:

This wooden frame I found had 1 inch pieces that made up the entire frame.
I wanted to keep the look of the strips so I did the following:
  • trimmed 1 inch strips from this beautiful pack of tissue I found in a local gift shop
  • coated the frame AND the strips with Mod Podge and glued them to the frame.
  • spritzed each strip with Shimmerz Spritz in Licorice first, then Concrete while the glue was still wet, making the frame even MORE shimmery.
  • painted the inside of the frame with black paint & spritzed Concrete on top, then let dry.

after the frame was covered and dry from painting, I took 3 cupcake holders and made into
a flower by:
  • flattening out each liner
  • placing each one on top of the other
  • while upside down (the pattern or color facing you), pinching the bottom of the cupcake liners together on one side, then the other, giving them this full flower effect
  • top with cute sentiment or button to cover the staples.

after the flower was complete, I spritzed Concrete Shimmerz all over
and glued to the frame. 
The final step was adding the cute photograph of my kiddo's...

I hope you've enjoyed today's Shimmerz Smile!
Have a GREAT day!


Heidi Kelley said...

Leslie, this is beautiful!!!

Stac said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Roberta said...

Very elegant!