Sunday, November 21, 2010

Denim + Shimmerz + a Tree?

a fun & sassy tree I whipped up...

I decided to take some leftover denim from scraps
I'd been using and put them to good use!

Have you SEEN how denim just soaks in the Shimmerz?
An absolutely YUMMY my opinion:

<----closeup of Shimmerz on denim

here's my tree:

a little closer:

and closer - in the sunshine (it looks beautiful inside with lights on it too!)

To make this tree, I simply bought a small paper mache tree
in the local hobby store & painted it charcoal. 
I sprayed Shimmerz
in Licorice over the tree, then let it dry.

After it dried, I took the strips of denim I cut
(about 12 inches long, some were longer,
some shorter..they weren't a perfect cut)
and tied in a knot. I turned the tree a little each
time to make sure the knots weren't exactly under
each other. I trimmed the long ends,

next I....
spritzed Shimmerz in Concrete, Licorice AND Baby's Breath
& let dry fully overnight (I loaded it!)

Sure made it sparkle bright!

I also made little flower rosettes in 2 different styles out of the denim
as well as tied the bow at the top of the tree with denim.
the felt flowers are by:  Wendy Hammer Designs
I added Shimmerz to them also...

here's one  more shot of the tree in the sunshine:

hope you have a fun shimmery day!


Heidi Kelley said...

OMG!!!! I am so making this for my girls this week, what a fabulous idea!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

WOW! This is super fabulous! I have to try this one! tfs :)Cheri

Jill said...

I've never seen anything quite like this. Wow!

Gio said...

Such a wonderful project! BRAVISSIMA!

Jocelyn said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this....Fabulous!!!

Christie Bryant said...

What a fabulous idea! So, so fun!

carrie said...

Leslie girl, this is outstanding!! Creativity galore my friend!