Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tea Time

As much as I admire the boldness, warmth, and fiery sweetness of orange,
it can be a difficult color for me to work with on layouts,
especially in large portions.

As always, Shimmerz to the rescue!
With the help of Shimmerz Vibez and paints,
I "tamed" a piece of bright orange cardstock,
rendering it into a gentle peachy color
for my "Tea Time" layout.

I began by opening up a container of that miracle medium, gesso,
and added a few dollops to the paper,
along with an extra helping of Shimmerz Carrot Top Pearlz.

I then brushed the gesso/paint combination across the page,
creating a soft peach background in the process.

Since the resulting surface was somewhat thick,
I had the idea of adding some extra texture to the page,
courtesy of this Stamping Bella script stamp,
and a few sprays of Shimmerz Fiery Fiesta Vibez.

The Vibez added a little extra "kick" to the stamped image.

After a few go-rounds with the paintbrush and stamp,
Shimmerz and I had tamed the orange beast:

Oh, but the powers of Shimmerz didn't stop there.
They also rejuvenated the petals of these Prima flowers,
care of some magical Pixie Dust Blingz:
Could it be that I can actually "do" orange now?
Purple, you're SO next.


Tara Orr said...

This is awesome - my 2 most horrid colours as well - orange and purple! LOVE what you did with the cardstock - would seriously have thought it was a piece of patterned paper.

Mieke said...

Wonderful layout, thanks for the tip to stamp into Gesso, I'm so gonna play with that today!

Taj White said...

stunning love the background and beautiful organge mono colors

Stac said...

Jill-- this is stunning! I love the technique, the colors, the sweet pictures. It's absolutely wonderful!!!

LG said...

You totally amaze me with all your creativity! I am blown away

Gio said...

Thanks for sharing! Such a beautiful layout!

Christie Bryant said...

This is amazing! I love all the technique that went into this layout! I am blown away!