Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Niece, My Friend

My Niece, My Friend by Carrie Ferrier

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a lover of white cardstock. Well, my new "love" is taking my love of white cardstock and dressing it up with Shimmerz Spritz and Vibez! Holy Cow, this was fun!

I used a combo of Spritz Treasured Hymn, Spritz Tuscan Sun, and Spritz Vibez Hot Fudge to soften and warm up my white cardstock background.

My funky little flowers were fun. I used Pearlz Emerald Isle and Shimmerz Green Olive paints for my flower colors. On a separate sheet of scrap white cardstock, I simply painted 7 "blobs" of color and let them dry. While they were drying, I freehand cut a small funky flower shape out of cardstock for my template. When the 7 blobs of color were dried, I turned the painted scrap of cardstock over, traced my flower shape on the back side of each "blob" and cut them out. I distressed my flowers by simply by folding them in a tight ball and then unfolded them.

I painted my lace with Shimmerz Butter Cream paint to warm it up a little.

I realized as I was making my little flowers, that the possibilities are endless when making handmade flowers using my paints! Totally hooked on my Shimmerz!!!!


LollyChops said...

I love the paints too (heck who am I kidding... I love it ALL)! Lovely LO (I really love how you made the flowers)!

Roberta said...

Very elegant! I love how you made the edges!

Christie Bryant said...

What a sweet layout! I love it AND the technique you used!

Taj White said...

how sweet! love the way the flowers came out.

Stac said...

It's simple sweet design is just gorgeous. You let the product and picture speak for themselves. Outstanding!!!