Monday, May 10, 2010

A Very Special Gift

I received a gift last week from Lori Renn that was a total surprise. My daughter Sami took some sweet pictures of my little girl Gracie. I love those pictures! Sami emailed those to Lori and look at what she did! It's a gift that I will cherish always!!! Lori so freely gave of her time and talent just to make my day speical. Thanks so much Lori!!! Love you!!!

Here's how Lori created her magic. . . I used lots of Jenni Bowlin stuff on these pages. I just love everything she makes! I used Shimmerz Vibez in Sunset Strip, Red-y or Not, Hermit the Frog and Vertigre. I also use some Mello Yellow Shimmerz.

I made the flowers with some rolled up paper and red acrylic paint. I spritzed them with a little bit of Red-y or Not Vibez to add some shimmer.


Lori Renn said...

I am thrilled that you love my gift! There's no better feeling than to create something special for someone special!! xoxo

Taj White said...

so so beautiful!!

Leslie Ashe said...

what a gorgeous gift!

rospher said...

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