Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shimmerz Photo techniques #3

So I think by now we have established the fact that I LOVE to use Shimmerz products on my photos. And why the heck not right? cause they look sooo dang cool.
Here is a quick and easy technique to get a cool look on your photos today.

You will need to print out a smaller size photo on a 4x6 sheet of photo paper. My picture below is approx. 3x2", but as long as you have a nice sized white border, you will be fine!
Print out your photo (I think this will look best if the photo is black and white but please feel free to play!)
Now you need to cut a size of cardstock that is the same size as your actual photograph. So for me, a 2nd 3x2" piece. Now lay it over your picture..Then spray the remaining white portion of your photo paper with your favorite color of Shimmerz Vibez, I used Jeni B Bleu here.

Allow to dry completely, then remove the cardstock.
Now you have a super cool shimmery border on your photo.

I used Teresa Collins Mr&Mrs. line to help make the picture POP.

And speaking of Teresa Collins, don't forget that we have signature Teresa Collins Pearlz available in 5 colors, my personal favorite: Ballet Slipper Pink!

So if you are looking to give your next photo a pop, try this technique. As always, if you do please share your work with us. We would love to see it!



Princess Jessie Pants said...

I love this Dena! Really love the ruffle!!

Stac said...

Great technique Miss Smarty Pants! Gorgeous layout.

Taj White said...

awesome technique, beautiful results