Friday, April 23, 2010

One hot color/one hot momma: Jeni B Bleu

An unnamed number of years ago one of my favorite people came to be....Miss Jeni Boisvert! And thank heavens for that. Jeni has become one of my closest friends and biggest inspirations. In fact, she is soo inspiring that Stacey has named a Shimmerz color after her: Jeni B. Bleu
and needless to say, Jeni B. Bleu has become a favorite color of mine. It's color is so vibrant and versatile. It literally can go with almost ANY project that I am working on and has quickly become my go to color. Just like Jeni is my go to friend!

So today we honor one hot momma and the special color that is her namesake: JENI B BLEU

Share your love of Jeni B Bleu with us, if you have created a project using Jeni B Bleu, send us a link!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JENI! We love ya!, don't shoot me ok ;)


Stac said...

HaPPy B Day to Jeni B!!! Love you!!!

Dena this project is so beautiful and so classy. Great job!

Roberta said...


Dena your project is very special!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Love this project Dena!!

Happy (belated) Birthday Jeni! :)