Thursday, February 25, 2010

**Shimmerz + Denim = SWOON**

So the other day my cute husband was throwing out some old
jeans he no longer wears. I stopped him and asked if I could
have them.   Of course he KNEW why I was asking...
not to wear them
(as if I could fit! he's 3343333 kabillion times taller! LOL)
but to create with them...

I couldn't wait to start cutting.  When I went to my crop the other
night, I did. I cut and cut and cut.
I wanted to try denim roses...
you know, those flowers are HUGE right now. 
So I made some rosebuds, some loose, some tight
...then SHIMMERZ'ed the daylights out of them.
Well honestly, I didn't have
to do much.  The denim soaks up Shimmerz quite

I sprayed Vibez
in RazzleDazzle Berry and used my heat gun to speed up
the drying process.
Next thing I did was use Shimmerz
Pearlz in Ballet Slipper on the edges of my rosebuds.
My final touch on the flowers was to use PixieDust Blingz
at the tips, giving them a bit more shimmerz'y shine.
here's another closeup:

I love how they turned out!!
Here's  my completed layout:

Thank you for letting me share with you today!
Remember...don't throw out the denim's just yet...
Make them meet their match with Shimmerz....

Have a lovely day!


Angela W said...

That is very cute! Thanks for the tip!

Elaine A said...

Leslie -

What an opportune posting! I just finished cutting up old jeans because I knew I could do something with them. I wasn't sure what - but I was NOT wasting that denim! And then you super post today - serendipity! Thank you for the fantastic idea!

Elaine Allen

LG said...

what a perfect combination!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Daniela said...

Leslie, this is beautiful!

Christine said...

Beautiful layout, and I love, love, LOVE those denim flowers, Leslie! I'll have to remember to save our boys' jeans after they've outgrown them! Thanks for sharing!

craft_princess said...

I just got some jeans from my hubby too! Want to use them in a way like this but with flowers that don't stand up so tall...any ideas or tutorials on flatter flowers with jeans??


Roberta said...

Old jeans? This is a fantastic idea!

Taj White said...

I really love the way the Denim soaked up the shimmerz and took on the life of the pearlz. Beautiful results.

Princess Jessie Pants said...

I would have never thought of that! And I love the LO - great!!!

Scrapin Kat said...

Very cute! I shared this with a customer in my store today! Cleaning up today I found a very small pair of granddaughter jeans size 18 month...thinking I can use these... I'll let you know they turn out!

Samantha McElyea said...

What a creative idea! I love this :)

Stac said...

What a super cool idea!!!! Denim goes with everything, especially all forms of Shimmerz. I love this LO!!!