Sunday, February 28, 2010

Faux the love of it...

Happy Last day of February! This month has come and gone with the blink of an eye. Earlier this month I had fun making my own masks and coming up with my own faux finished journaling tag using Shimmerz new Vibez.

For my "faux" mask, I created a fast and easy border for my layout by using Shimmerz Vibez "Penny Pincher" and two sheets of printer paper. I simply placed the printer paper in the middle of my layout to cover up the inside part of the cardstock that I didn't want painted. Next, I simply sprayed around the edges of the paper and then pulled the printer paper away when I was finished.

It left me with this fabulous and easy border that helped draw the eye towards the middle of my layout, all the while giving it this cool antiqued look.

For my next "faux" finish, I used once again Shimmerz Vibez in "Penny Pincher" and a plain ol paper towel. I traced out a label shaped journaling tag onto a piece of cardstock then I liberally spritzed with the Penny Pincher Vibez, enough so that it pooled up on the paper. Then I took a paper towel, wadded it up and patted over the top of the Vibez to remove part of the paint. What was left behind was a beautiful "faux" leather almost looking finish.

Adding a few spritzes of "Rusty Bottom" to the background of my paper helped bring out some of the light patterned details and tie the pieces together for a finished piece:

Why not try a few of these FAST and EASY techniques to see what kind of faux look you can achieve? Then come share them here with us!

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