Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shimmerzy Frame...

Have you ever thought of using Shimmerz paints to
frame your photo's or journaling?

I did using my December The Girls Loft kit
and lots of Shimmerz!! 
I love  how it turned out on this
layout I did of my hubby and me...
I wanted to frame this random photo my son took of the two of us.
He was snapping pictures left and right and after looking through
them, I saw this and was thrilled to find it in the bunch of us..

I used Shimmerz Tickle Me Turquoise paint with a
medium sized paintbrush. I didn't care if the lines were perfect
or not, I freehanded my frame around the edges, letting it touch
my photo. I also framed my layout on the edges with the same
freehand technique. 

I also used the same Tickle Me Turquoise  with dotted lace paper and painted the "dots"
at the top and bottom.  My letters were originally silver and since I was
going with a "turquoise" theme...I decided to paint over the silver glitter
to make turquoise glitter. LOVE how they turned out!

Trimming small circles, I placed one at the top right of the kraft cardstock
and spritzed with Shimmerz Licorice spritz. Love how that made a slight shadow.

I used the mini sack for an envelope in which a tag with
journaling is.  I spritzed the tag with Licorice Spritz then journaled on it

Thank you so much for letting me share.
May you ALL have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!


Mickey said...

Love your layout with the hidden journaling. Great way of the Shimmerz use

Stacy said...

Love the layout. I love it when the kids take the pictures. It is always hubby or myself taking pics so I know how exciting it is to have a good pic with hubby! Great job :)

lillianchild said...

What a delightful page you've created. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Stac said...

Woweee! Such a great project with such a great picture. It's a keepsake for sure. Super job!

Lori S. said...

LOVE this page! LOVE the layers and especially the colors!! You rock!

Anonymous said...

beautiful layout leslie! i love the journaling and that tickle me turquoise is such a great color!

happy holidays


Daniela said...

Wow Leslie, this is awesome. I adore that photo of you two and the turquoise, my new favorite Shimmerz color!!!

Stacy Cohen said...

What a beautiful way to use Shimmerz!! Gorgeous page!