Monday, October 26, 2009

Shimmerz+Printer= Happy Pictures!

Soo did you know that you can actually use Shimmerz paints on your photo paper and get some seriously cool looks?! Surprise! You can. It just takes a little patience and a light hand with a paint brush.

I had this random idea pop into my head when thinking about the amazing colors of fall and wanting to make the most most of them.

Using a piece of HP Premium Glossy photo paper and Shimmerz Blingz in Gold Glimmer, I lightly brushed with even strokes, the entire background of the photo paper. This is where it is a bit tricky, you don't want to get TOO much paint on your paper, otherwise it takes a while to dry BUT you also don't want to be going back and forth over your paint strokes either or you will end up with uneven strokes and smears. So find a nice balance in between.

Now you can just leave the background as/is. or get a little bit more funky and paint the edges as I did here with Eucalyptus. AND then you can have your child decide she wants to be a part of it as mine did, spread a good ol Antique Lace smear right in the middle while your momma isn't looking. LOL

It is important to allow your paint ample time to completely dry. Then print your picture as per usual, right over the top of it. It adds so much POP to the colors, you won't believe it! And though it is hard to grasp with a camera, trust me the look is incredible!

While you are at it, you should grab your Spritz and add some beauty to those Prima's you have in bulk!

Here is my completed layout:

Just think of the possibilities that you have here with your Shimmerzy photos now!!! Use light colors, dark colors, go wild and crazy with your spritz for a graffiti look. Try it out and see what you think!


Lucy Edson said...

I absolutely love this idea, Dena!! Thanks for sharing it!! I am off to print some 'shimmery' pictures!!

Deanna Kroll said...

Dena, this is so cool....hmmm, I think I have to try my hand at this and see how it turns out. :)

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness!! What a fantastic technique!! Love your thinking out of the box!!! Beautiful!

Leslie Ashe said...

Great technique! I must TRY!! :D
Gorgeous work!

Stac said...

What a totally FABULOUS idea! How smart of you Miss Dena. The LO is Gorgeous. I'm definately going to try this technique with some pictures of Gracie, visiting Tinker Bell in Pixie Hollow at Disneyland. Ohh, can't wait!!!