Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sharing Pink....for the CURE!

Hi everyone!! I'm sure you know it's ALL about PINK this month.  We've been working on
pink creations to share with TOO can get in on the fun creations by simply sharing with us right here on our new Shimmerz Flickr group
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought I'd show you a little house I the name of hope. Hope for a cause that's NEAR and dear to my heart. My little house is dedicated to my late mother in law.  I made it using LOTS and LOTS of PINK Shimmerz Paints

Here's my little house:

The first thing I did was primed the roof of my  house with white paint.
(It made the pink "POP" more.)
Next I painted the roof Hottie Pink.
(Just 1 coat did the trick!)
after it dried, I applied my pink buttons.
I then Spritzed on Ruby AND Cotton Candy on TOP of the buttons.
Next I layered paper (that I'd traced and cut the windows and doors from)
on top of my house.  After it dried I applied Poinsettia Pink Shimmerz
and let it dry. 
I applied several ribbons as trim, waited for the glue to dry
and spritzed on Ruby.
That's all! Easy and FUN!

I also created a layout...I wanted to do something in ALL pink:

(not to mention pink IS my fave color, hee hee!)
This was the fastest layout I think I've EVER done!
Just a few sprays with the Spritz, and waa-laaa...this is my outcome of my Pink Awareness layout.

I am SO EXCITED to see what you do!!

Have a wonderful day,
Leslie Ashe


Kim Dellow said...

Gorgeous! So yummy and pink :) Kim

Erin Bassett said...

1st comment? Woo-hoo!

LOVE them Leslie! They really shoe your love through them.

Maggie said...

wow this is so wonderful...Luv the yummyness of the lo, and house :)

Maggie said...

wow this is so wonderful...Luv the yummyness of the lo, and house :)

craft_princess said...

What a great project!! It looks fantastic!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Love them both! Great eye-candy!

Stacy Cohen said...

Love, love, love these!! Fantastic work, Leslie!!

Stac said...

Such great work on both projects! I think Tinker Bell and her little friends should live in your house. Absoulely ADORABLE!!!

Lori Renn said...

That layout is so stunning! I just love it so much. The little house is adorable. You do amazing work, Leslie.

Jeni Boisvert said...

Such amazing work Leslie! You are too fabulous for words!!

Carmen said...

Really cute house, and absolutely LOVE the layout! Great job!!

Danielle said...

Yep! Love the house AND the layout!! So gorgeous!

Danielle said...

this is sooo gorgeous!!