Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spritz and a hand-cut mask

These are pictures of my daughter when she was 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old. I love seeing the progression of her growth . . . though I wish she wouldn't grow up quite so fast!


I had SO much fun using Spritz on this page to make the grass and sky background. I started with plain white cardstock and created my own little masks by cutting cloud shapes out of cardstock. I used removable adhesive to stick them on my cardstock while I Spritzed away to my heart's content (yes, "spritzed" is now a new verb that I think should be included in every dictionary). Then I simply removed the clouds and VOILA!:

Once the Spritz was dry, I hand-stitched around the white clouds with embroidery floss to give them a little definition. One little hint: since I used quite a bit of Spritz on my cardstock, it did warp the paper slightly. But no worries . . . I simply ironed my cardstock on a low setting for a few seconds, and the paper was flat again. Easy peasy!! I just love how the Spritz looks flawless when it dries.


Michelle said...

This layout is beautiful. I love it!

LoRi said...

This is beautiful! Great job. I can't wait to play with my Spritz!

Stac said...

This is such a great layout. I think you should submit it for publication. It's adorable!