Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shimmerz & Flowers Oh My!!!

It's Elizabeth again with another fun creation!
This time around I wanted to incorporate some
Flowers into my layout!

I took both a generic chipboard flower and a
silk flower that I had gotten in a kit and jazzed it
up a bit with Shimmerz!!!

This time around I used Shimmerz Blingz {which is a triple shot of glimmery goodness!}
and Shimmerz Pumpkin with Key Lime on my flowers.

Again, I used a Q-tip for my flowers. I am still sold out
on using these because they soak up enough of the Shimmerz
to satisfy me!!

The silk flower though this time I used two coats on it.
I really wanted it to stand out and as you can see it does!

The chipboard flower I mixed Shimmerz! I first painted
on the chipboard flower using Shimmerz Pumpkin. I allowed
that to dry and then added a thin coat of the Shimmerz Key Lime
on top of that. I wanted to really bring out the bold colors of
the papers on my flower!!!

I really liked how this turned out! I feel like the Shimmerz
products worked really well with color and ease onto my
newest project!!!


Stacy Cohen said...

What a fantastic page!! I love the design, title, pictures . . . and of course the Shimmerz!

Jana Eubank said...

Cute page! I love the layering of Shimmerz on your flower! What a fun look!

Danielle said...

This page is amazing. Ok, I love A's expressions. Priceless :)


Stac said...

What a cute page. Love it all!

Deanna Kroll said...

This is amazing work girl! Wow, I really love the design of this, the pictures are way to fun, and of course I have to love the Shimmerz! :)