Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spritz a Shimmering Centerpiece!

This was *SO* fun to create, and with Spritz it literally took maybe 15 minutes! :) To make your own fun piece, simply wrap a piece of foam with mesh. Use decorative straight pins to attach it to the foam base. Then wrap a pretty piece of ribbon around the center. Add assorted wired flowers to create a bouquet. Now for the FUN! Simply spritz the mesh, ribbon and flowers to watch it transform instantly into a glittery masterpiece!!! One of my favorite things about Spritz is that it dries quickly. I'm not a patient crafter, so this really comes in handy!
(To really see the sparkle, click on the image to enlarge.)
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're having a Beautiful Weekend! (hugs)


Merry said...

Very pretty..

Stac said...

I wonder if you could use Spritz on real flowers? Hhmmm. Great idea Jeni.