Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live, Laugh, Love

I have been working on a very special project which I had planned on giving to my sister for her belated birthday present, but now I love it so much, that I don't know that she is actually going to get it or not now. ;) This project has A LOT of Shimmerz incorporated into it. I used the Ana plaques from Creative Imaginations Bare Essentials line as my "base" for the project. This is also a hybrid project, which really allowed my creative juices to flow. I have to warn you..there are going to be a lot of photos with this post, because I really want to show off how much the Shimmerz made this project as awesome as it is!

Here is the project as a whole:

This is the "Live" by iteself:

The "Laugh" by itself:

"Love" by itself:

I used a lot of my Shimmerz and Blingz colors in this is the list: (first Shimmerz colors) Angel Wings, Butter Cream, Candle Light, Celery, Iced Lavender, Marigold, Mint, Opal, Periwinkle, (now the Blingz) December Sky, Pixie Dust, Blueberry Cobbler, and finally, Under the Sea.

Here are the many close-ups for you to see the amazing shine that my Shimmerz and Blingz brought into this project.

These next few photos are close-ups of the flowers on the "LIVE" plaque. For the leaves, I cut them out of Bazzill cardstock, painted them with the Celery Shimmerz, then distress the leaves and inked them to give them some depth. For the flower in the cluster just below, I used the Blueberry Cobbler Blingz to recolor it. It was originally just a white Prima (just check out that shine!) On the center of the one flower, I used my Angel Wings Shimmerz just to give it a nice little sparkle (and I did this on the single flower like it with the leaves as well)

On the "Laugh" plaque, I recolored the one foam bird, which originally was a canary yellow. It was too bright for the project, but I still really wanted to use it, so I went ahead and used my Marigold and painted on top of it. Not only did it change the bird to a really nice color, but it also gave it some extra shine as well.
And finally with the "LOVE" plaque. I wanted my butterflies to have a whimsical feel to them, and so I first went ahead and chose some colors of cardstock/pattern paper to use, and then painted on top of the papers with my colors of Shimmerz and Blingz. I set it aside and let it dry. Once I knew it was dry (which really didn't take long to begin with), I used my Martha Stewart Butterfly punch and punched out my butterfly shapes, and adhered them to the plaque. For the chipboard butterfly, first I painted it with Opal. I didn't like how light it was, so then I went on top with my Poinsettia Pink Blingz and my final layer was my Pixie Dust Blingz. I was finally happy with the color that I created with my chipboard.

In the end, I have a project that really shines and that I fell in love with! Thanks for letting me share!

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