Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Shimmery Flower Tutorial

Hi Everyone!! I'd like to share a fun little tutorial with you on how to make a shimmery 3-dimensional flower. I hope you enjoy it...

Supplies I used for this project:
  • Shimmerz - Fire Engine Red, Royal Red, Olive
  • Distress Ink (Tim Holz)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Scallop Punch (Stampin' Up)
  • Brad
  • Crimper
  • 65# Card Stock (best for curling the petals)

For a little bit of shadowing, I rub some ink into the areas where the center of the flower will be. I use an ink that is a couple shades darker than the card stock I am using, and do this before applying the Shimmerz.

You can use what ever you like to apply the ink, a sponge or a dauber. I like to use an old t-shirt wrapped around my fingers as I feel I have more control of the ink this way.

I then apply Fire Engine Red Shimmerz with a paint brush to the areas that will be punched out with the scallop punch. I used a small scrap to punch out a window to hold over the area - this allows me to only apply Shimmerz to where I need to instead of the entire sheet. I’m thrifty like that. You’ll need to punch a total of 4 scallops for your flower.

While the Shimmerz on the red card stock is drying, I move along to making the leaves. I used some scraps of card stock.

I free hand cut some leaves from the folded edge.

With the leaf still folded in half, I run it through the crimper. You want to lay the leaf so that the outside edge goes through the crimper before the folded edge. This will make sure the lines are going the way the veins in a leaf would naturally.

After running them through the crimper, I use a light coat of Olive Shimmerz. Running the brush over top, just catching the top edges of the crimping. I also edge the leaves with the Shimmerz.

By the time you’re done with the leaves, the Shimmerz on your petals should be dry enough to punch. Holding the punch upside down so you can see where you’re punching, punch out 4 scallops.

You could also try this with a scalloped nestie, or just a circle punch. Or maybe you have a flower punch...

After punching them out, flip them over and apply Shimmerz to the other side of them.

Next, snip in between every other scallop with your scissors. Do not cut all the way to the center.

Then you’ll want to punch the hole in the center for your brad to fit through. It’s easiest to do it now while the petals are flat.

You also want to punch a hole in the leaves.

I use the end of the paintbrush I used for the Shimmerz to curl the edges of the petals.

On one (the bottom) layer, I curl the petals under. On all the other layers, I curl the petals upward.

Starting with the top layer of petals, layer them onto the brad.

Layer the leaves onto the brad, and secure the brad to hold them all together.

The last thing to do is to fold up the middle petals into an arrangement you like.

I then used Royal Red Shimmerz, which is just a shade darker than the Fire Engine Red Shimmerz, to edge the tops and bottoms of the petals.

Here’s the finished look. It’s a great way to add some shimmery dimension to any project. I know it seems like a lot of directions, but it's a really quick project.

Here's an example of one I created to add to the belly band for an envelope/box.

You can download a PDF version of these instructions at this link. Thanks for taking a look, and I hope this makes it easy for you to add some 3-dimensional shimmer to your projects!

Did you like the tutorial? If so, leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to know if I should do more of these.



Lisa Foster said...

WOW!! This is the coolest thing ever! These flowers are gorgeous! I can't wait to try it! Great, clear instructions, good pictures....wonderful tutorial! (and you make it look easy :) Thank you so much!

Deb said...

Amazing Jami! I am gonna try this ASAP! Gorgeous!

Jamie said...

Jami this is fantastic!! I am very excited to try this. I definetly think you should do more!!

Cindy said...

This is fabulous. I'm now in search of Shimmerz. Great tutorial ... nice detailed pics and instructions.

Karen from PA said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I will definitely be using this.

Deanna Kroll said...

Ok, wow, this is so amazing Jami. I am going to try this, but I don't know if I can make it quite as pretty! Awesome work!

Jen said...

That is just too darn cool!!!!!

Danielle said...

Um...Yes please!!! That is such an amazing flower! I am trying this in a bit. Look at you Ms. Creative :)

Blessings~~~ Danielle

Angel said...

LOVE these flowers! GREAT easy to follow tutorial, girlfriend!

Linda Albrecht said...

Just a gorgeous little flower and your tutorial rocks!

Ali Manning/newenglandstamper said...

FABULOUS! I can't wait to try this Jami.

Shannon Fralish said...

I really, really enjoyed this project and will try it myself this weekend. Thanks for sharing it -- you're very creatively saavy! :-)

Smriti said...

You are mind blowing Jami!

Stac said...

Holy Smokin Rockets!!! What an amazing tutorial. I can't tell you how wonderful this is. Thanks so much Jami. You definately took Shimmerz to the next step. You are awesome. Hugs!

scrappingnana said...

Wow, that is an amazing tutorial and lovely flower. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

FresitaBonita said...

Thanks for sharing...!! Love, love this lovely flower..!

Gis xxx

Eileen said...

Can't wait to try this..great stuff what's next?