Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Does the Easter Bunny at your house ever crave for those ever-present plastic eggs to have a little more oomph? The Easter Bunny here does, that's for sure. That got me thinking how much fun Shimmerz would be! Here, I painted a yellow egg with Sunny and a pink egg with Royal Red. It's such a quick and easy craft - and I'm already thinking to next year, with a bunch of these done up for a wreath. Can't you just imagine how festive that would be?

Give it a whirl - it's a great way to add quick oomph to the old standby! Happy Easter, Jenn


Karen Taylor said...

How cute are those eggs!! I wish I had small ones again to color eggs with. Anybody what to let me borrow some children??

Stac said...

Cute idea.