Thursday, March 5, 2009

Searching for Spring

Hello Shimmerz lovers!

This is my first post for the design team and I am so excited to share my project with you. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring here in Minnesota (it seems to be taking it's sweet time), so this little creation was just what I needed to satisy my yearning for warmer days, sunshine, and signs of rebirth.

Can you see the sparkle and shine of the Shimmerz... even from this far away?!! I love it!

Do you remember blowing up balloons as a child and paper macheing them so that you could make a giant egg to fill with a little scene?

That is such a vivid memory of my childhood for me, that whenever I think of Easter projects, I think of them. Now, for this egg project, I did not make my own egg, but I purchased a premade paper mache egg then cut a hole in the front center. You can paint and decorate it as you like.

I use some pretty pastel pink paint for the egg surfaces then painted on some Shimmerz dots in "Wintergreen". Once I was done with them and they dried I circled around them with a marker, just to define the edges.

I made a "ruffle" from patterned paper which I glued to the cut edge of the opening then I added some distress ink and "Pixie Dust" Shimmerz. Now I want all of my patterned paper to shimmer! ;-)
As all of you seasoned Shimmerz users know, the glitters work beautifully on silk or paper flowers. I used "Pink Poinsettia" on the silk flower which was originally an ivory color. Oh my gosh!!!! I am hooked on that fun little technique.

The chick was handmade from clay, which I painted and of course, added "Pixie Dust" as a final coat then I also did the same with the 3 eggs that lay in his nest.

Truly, I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed working with the Shimmerz on every surface that I used in this project. I am so happy to be on the team and to mix in this wonderful product with many of my projects.

Thanks for checking out my creation... be sure to check out the close up images of all of it's shimmery glory.
Linda :-)


Karen Taylor said...

So beautiful! I love your work, Linda. Just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda, this is a fabulous project! I have to get the craft store and pick up one of those eggs to decorate. Thanks for the great idea! Ali

Deanna Kroll said...

Linda, that is fantastic, I really love what you did with that egg...AWESOME!

Stac said...

What a sweet idea! So cute.

Stacy Cohen said...

This is wonderful!!!!