Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shimmery Glass!

Here is my attempt at one of those bottle people, only mine is a Bunny! I used one of those bottles that the flavored oils comes in. I added a 2" Styrofoam ball, cardboard for the ears, which I inked white, toothpicks for the whiskers, and brads for the eyes and nose. I decorated the bottle with some ribbon, part of an Easter Pick, more Daisy D's brads, and a Studio G stamp. I also filled the inside of the bottle up with crystal beads. But it was missing something?!! Yup, you got it!! SHIMMERZ!! (click on photos for a closer look)

I applied some Pixie Dust Shimmerz to the outside of the bottle and it looks so beautiful! I hope you like it!! Lets see some of the fun aways you use Shimmerz paints on your projects!! Just leave a link here on the blog to your creation!! We would love to see it!!

Have a wonderful night!!

Melissa B

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Karen Taylor said...

So cute. I love your creation!