Thursday, August 14, 2008

Special Guest Designer

We are so excited to announce that we've invited a special guest to show off a Shimmzpirational project as we celebrate the launch of our new limited edition colors: Kisa Peters! She's been Shimmering our socks off lately, and we asked her to create something special for our big day. Boy, did she deliver:

She stamped the three-step squirrel stamps onto white cardstock. Then she painted the whole piece with the Beeswax Shimmerz, which gave it the warm golden color. Then, she painted the clear baubles with Rustic Red Shimmerz. They matched the Cranberry Crisp cardstock well and made great corner embellishments.

The close-up picture really shows just how shimmery these paints are!

We can't wait to see what other spectacular creations Kisa creates for us. She's been so enthusiastic and an absolute joy to work with. Congratulations, Kisa, and thank you!


Heather Lee-Reppen said...

Congratulations Kisa! This project is awesome!

Lila H said...

CONGRATS!!! You are doing the Shimmerz Shimmey!!!! and I'm nuts about your little fella - he's super cute and this project is well.... just CUTE as can be!!!

Anonymous said...

WAHOOOOO KISA!!! That is so awesome you were chosen! You so totally rock! I LOVE your project! SO darling! LOVE the leaves! :D

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Congrats Kisa! You're a rockstar. Your projects have definitely sold some Shimmerz to me over the last couple weeks. My wallet may not love ya but I still do! ;)

Julie Koerber said...

Congrats Kisa! This little guy is too cute and sparkly! I can't wait to see more and get to know you better!