Saturday, March 27, 2021

Somebunny Loves You \\ Mixed Media Scrapbooking \\ Daisie Scraps

 Hi everyone!  Today I created a layout using an Easter cut file for a non-Easter photo.  I find that I collect all of the adorable Easter things and then often fail to get great Easter shots.  So I decided to use one of my favorites anyway. 

Products Used:

Creameez Purple Peony

Shimmerz Wisteria Lane

Shimmerz Lilac Blossom

Creameez Pink Champagne 

Shimmerz Going Peach Side 

Creameez Dandy Lion

Creameez Refresh Mint 

Inklingz Green Goddess 

Vibez Hermit The Frog 

Shimmerz Celery 

Shimmerz Pool Me Close 

Spritz Hint of Mint 

Inklingz Blue Lagoon 

Shimmerz It's Mint To Be 

I started out by painting my cut file.  I left all of the inside bits in because I like the darker line you get when the paint pools a bit in the cut line.  I used all the pretty purples and some light pink tones to really make the flowers pop.  I used the lightest green (Refresh Mint) to paint in the leaves.  I kept dabbing on the paint here and there to make it have the true watercolor touch with the areas of dark and light.  Then I set this aside to dry.  Very important step to avoid tearing of your cut file while removing the bits.


The next step was my background.  I went with the tried and true packaging technique.  I used all of the greens I had for this background.  I wanted my bunnies to look like they were in a field.  So I started with my mists, then moved to the other paints.  I just kept adding the color until I was happy.  Then I added some splatters.


Finally, I put everything together.  The bunnies were backed with some parchment paper to soften the background seen through them.  The cut file was glued down using liquid adhesive to make sure it would stick.  I added an adorable black and white photo of my husband and daughter.  I thought it worked great with the title I had chosen " Somebunny Loves You".  So cute.  I embellished with some labels, puffy hearts, and phrase stickers to complete the design.  


If you're interested in seeing more of the design process, check out my video on YouTube.  Don't forget to add my name (Daisie) to the comments of your next order for a mini freebie to be added to your order!

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