Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Mail!

Happy Mail! 

Hello my fellow Shimmerz Siren’s, it’s me Joyce.  Here today to share some Happy Mail for a dear mixed media mistress.  Pssst… I hope her package makes it to her mailbox before this post is published. 

Years ago, when I moved into my 1925 home, I found in the trash container a number of very old black scrapbooks. It was a joyful day to find I had moved into a fellow artists’ home! I browsed through her small snippets of watercolor images, her written stories published in old magazines, poetry and small plays. This was indeed a treasure trove to me.  And, as I was spring cleaning this week, I came across these scrapbooks again. I stopped working and spent a few hours going through them and tearing out pages of old magazines…. And this little mini fabric/junk journal was created in a day…a very long day. 

This fabric/junk journal is also a mini kit I prepared for a dear mixed media mistress. Inside each of the Glassine bags are remnants of fabric, lace embroidered fabric, embroidery thread, bulb clips with tear drops of pearls, beads and rhinestones I assembled to use as little embellishments, and some aged fabric flowers too. I know she’ll create something beautiful this this mini kit. 

The page above features one of the old torn out paper clippings. I loved the title! I spritz under the white doily a combination of Vibez-Princess, and Spritz-Rock a Fella Blue to achieve a periwinkle color. 

On the page above, I applied some dried floral on top of textured cardstock, and applied a thick coating of matte gel to hold it town and receive some more of the periwinkle color concoction. I adore how this treatment turned out, and you will see me use this idea again.  

The  lacy page above was originally intended to be an internal page of the book, but in the end it became the title page.  After laying down a piece of Pellon (found in fabric stores and used as a stay in collars) on top of watercolor paper and sewed down, I applied many different pieces of laces and applied matte gel on top of them and let it dried thoroughly.  Paint brushes loaded up with Inklingz-Pugnacious Purple, Inklingz-Precious Posey, Treasured Hymm, and the same periwinkle color concoction were applied sporadically over the lacy bits. I then used a stiff brush loaded with gesso and pounded the brush down on top of the paints and beads to soften the colors.  

The music sheet page features a piece of white lace and a white flower that were spritzed with the periwinkle concoction and pretty Spritz Tuscan Sun.  A few more pages are featured on my blog should you wish to see them. 

Thanks for letting me share this with you!  I hope I have inspired you to use your Shimmerz Paints on a fabric/junk journal too.  

Listen for my siren to bring you back on April 30th.



Stunning work, Joyce!

Astrid Maclean said...

What a great find! Love what yu did with it, that periwinkle colour is so beautiful, love all the texures too, - gorgeous work!!

Jessica said...

Wow wow wow wow wow!!! You are so amazing with your artwork!