Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get Your Fix!

Hey guys! Samantha here for Shimmerz Paints. You know what we're gonna do today? We're getting you all caught up with the latest installments of Shimmerz Shortz! Not quite sure what the difference is between Spritz and Vibez? Ever wonder what Dazzlerz and Texturez do for your projects? We've got the answers every Thursday with our series Shimmerz Shortz

        Shimmerz Shortz #1 - Comparing Inklingz and Creameez 

                                        Shimmerz Shortz #2 Comparing Dazzlerz & Texturez

Shimmerz Shortz # 3 / Comparing Spritz & Vibez 

Shimmerz Shortz # 4 / Coloringz

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